A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Studio Will Open Near the Jefferson Street Stop—Bushwick Daily

A Brazilian jiu-jitsu studio is coming to Bushwick.

Roots Athletic, mixed-martial arts studio based in Philadelphia, plans to open up a branch on the corner of Troutman Street and Wyckoff Avenue in a building shared by Artichoke Pizza, according to M Properties Group, which announced the deal on Feb. 16.

The gym at 440 Troutman St. will offer classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids and adults, submission grabbling, and Thai boxing in a one-room studio off the Jefferson Street stop. Currently, the exercise options in the area are limited to three yoga studios and a soon-to-be rock climbing gym. Unfortunately, there was no mention of an opening date in the announcement, and a Roots representative was not available for comment at the time of this article. But we'll be updating this article as we learn more.

With a focus on grappling and ground fighting, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is considered one of the safest martial arts. This could be the perfect opportunity to take classes in self-defense — and follow it up with an Artichoke slice.  

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Bushwick Named Second "Hottest Neighborhood" in America

It's not like we didn't already know it, but Bushwick has been crowned the second-hottest neighborhood in America, according to a new reportfrom a real estate website.

Bushwick came second in Hotspot Rentals' Top 25 list of the hottest hoods in the States. Hotspot, a Chicago-based company, ranked cities on six categories they believe buyers and renters look for most when moving to a new place: walkability, transit, budget, lifestyle, entertainment, and budget.

In total, Bushwick earned 88 points out of 100, beat out only by The Mission in San Francisco, which got 92 points. 

Bushwick scored highest on walkability, transit, and entertainment. It scored lowest on lifestyle and weather. 

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Mission Chinese Is Opening a Bushwick Location - Eater NY

Huge news for Bushwick: The neighborhood is getting a location of Mission Chinese, the eclectic Lower East Side Sichuan-inspired restaurant from chef Danny Bowien and executive chef Angela Dimayuga.

Bowien announced the news on Thursday night at a Times Talk with writer Kim Severson and Anthony Bourdain, where the topic was Bourdain’s new documentary about food waste called Wasted!. The film looks at how chefs, including Bowien, handle waste.

During the question and answer session, Severson goes off topic and says that Bowien will be opening a new Mission Chinese in Bushwick. The chef confirmed that he found on Thursday that it would be happening. He did not offer further details about where the restaurant might be located or what it might be like. Eater has reached out to the MCF team for more information.

Update: Grub Street points to an Instagram post from nonprofit publisher 8-Ball Community Inc. that says Mission Chinese will open at a 599 Johnson Avenue, between Scott Avenue and Gardner Avenue, in March 2018. It’s still a fairly industrial area of East Williamsburg/Bushwick, but that’s clearly changing quickly. The new outpost will be just one block away from the new location of Bunker Vietnamese, which opened earlier this year.

Since Mission Chinese first opened in New York in 2012, it’s been a hit — drawing spice chasers for Bowien’s idiosyncratic take on Chinese fare with dishes like kung pao pastrami. The restaurant moved to its current, two-story location at 171 East Broadway in 2014 after the original Orchard Street one became plagued with rats.

Its current iteration remains one of the most consistently packed restaurants in New York. Details are still slim on what the new restaurant might be like, but considering Bowien’s knack for experimentation at new restaurants (see: the shuttered Mission Cantina), it wouldn’t be a surprise if the new outpost offered a few twists from the original.